HG is a family run business focusing on helping farmers and home gardeners alike. Our products can help improve productivity while saving you time and money.

Our Products

HG carries products that work in horticulture, agriculture, irrigation, greenhouses or home gardening. We provide products that can help improve the quality and/or volume of your products while simplifying the growing or harvesting process.

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The HG team is available to discuss your needs, develop a plan and provide products that work best to meet your goals. Visit our contact page and find a team member that can help.


The art, science, technology, and business of growing plants. Your concern is how to do it better and bring the greatest yield to market. HG offers products and equipment to improve your yield and therefore your bottom line.

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Designed to assist in the growing of agricultural crops, horticultural products, and landscaping. HG carries drip tape, drip tubing, microsprinklers hose and accessories for irrigation. Drip irrigation and subsurface drip irrigation design and installation are available.

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HG has products to help optimize storage issues while providing a more nutritious feed. Extensive testing has proven that, bagging and covering are as effective as storing in silos. HG offers silage products that offer strength, durability and reliability. UV light resistance wraps, covers and bags are available as well. Ask about our Pink Campaign.

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Home Gardening

HG carries products to support the backyard farmer. HG has irrigation and horticultural products which aide in the growth of produce used for canning, freezing or fresh off the stalk to your table. It’s great to say you grew what you served!

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