Agricultural Netting from Smart Net Systems

Smart Net Systems supplies only high quality netting made from virgin, high-density, UV protected polyethylene. This material is of the highest quality for longevity. Our UV inhibitors are manufactured in Europe. Protecting crops with netting is environmentally responsible, reducing or eliminating the use of pesticides also reducing crop damage or loss.

Why we use polyethylene?
Polyethylene has the longest life over any other netting, it is lighter than nylon or polyester. Polyethylene floats, but will not absorb moisture or humidity and will not rot. Life expectancy between 5 and 10 years.

Heartnut Grove carries three crop protection netting products:

Thrips Netting; Insect Netting and Hail Netting
Thrips Netting:

Anti-insect /thrips netting will protect crops against thrips and all other insects. Our UV protected, high density polyethylene mesh is 50 x 25 filaments per square inch, mesh size is .29mm x .8mm, 125 grams per square meter, 20% shade factor, the colour is semi transparent white.

Thrips / anti insect netting will also protect crops from hail, wind and birds. Great for organic gardening.
Two sizes available:

4 meters x 50 meters (13.12 feet x 164 feet)

4meters x 100 meters (13.12 feet x 328 feet)

Insect Netting:

Provides bug protection without pesticides, fantastic for organic growing practices. Insect netting is made from high- density UV protected polyethylene for years of service. Great protection from stink bugs, Japanese beetle, grasshoppers birds and hail.

Reinforced edges with buttonholes every inch for joining or tie down. Good airflow with low shade rate. Colour white.

Use for row crop covers, over hoops, in vineyards and soft fruit tree protection.

5.18 meters x 91 meters (17 feet x 300 feet)

5.18 meters x 45 meters (17 feet x 150 feet)

Hail Protection Netting:

UV protected polyethylene, very tough, will not unravel when cut, buttonholes every inch for tie-down or joining. Many years of service and many applications for one product.

Hail / Insect /Bird protection in one product. Fruit tree protection, row crop covers, hoop nets, hail protection, insect protection, wasp and bird barrier.

5.18 meters x 91 meters (17 feet x 300 feet)

5.18 meters x 45 meters (17 feet x 150 feet)