Plastic mulch was introduced in the 1950’s and has become a standard practice for many farmers for weed control, increased plant growth, and a shorter the time to harvest.
Heartnut Grove is a leading provider of high-quality, climate-engineered plastic mulch. We also provide a wide variety of embossed mulch films.

The greatest benefit of plastic mulch is that the soil temperature in the planting bed is raised. This promotes a faster crop development and an earlier harvest. Black plastic mulch can produce a harvest earlier by some 7-14 days, while clear plastic may advance the harvest date by 21 days.

Weed control is also a primary concern in farming as it is labour intensive, expensive and time consuming. Plastic mulch reduces the amount of light penetration to the soil thereby inhibiting weed germination.

Though very efficient and affordable, plastic mulch has become an environmental management concern due to disposal issues. Onsite disposal options such as open burning and onsite dumping are not always prudent and can be environmental liabilities.

In response to this need, degradable plastic mulches have become commercially available and have been processed with good mechanical properties. Degradable mulches are popular because conventional plastic mulches require a great deal of energy and work hours to be removed from the field for disposal.