BioTelo Agri is a revolutionary film for mulching that is biodegradable. BioTelo Agri is composed of Mater-Bi, a corn-starch based, thermoplastic material made of raw materials from renewable resources that have not been genetically modified. BioTelo Agri breaks down into the soil where microorganisms convert it to water, carbon dioxide and biomass.

Degradation of BioTelo Agri depends largely on climatic and environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity and soil microbial activity, allowing for a field life of at least three to four months and up to five to seven months.

Benefits of BioTelo Agri:

  • Eventually leaves no residue in the soil, significantly minimizing its environmental impact.
  • Biodegrades completely without polluting the soil or accumulating over time.
  • Has the same strength, elasticity and effectiveness of traditional plastic mulch film.
  • Does not need to be removed from the soil or disposed of at the end of the growing season.
  • Can be laid with conventional mulch laying machines.
  • Can be used for any crop traditionally grown with plastic mulch film.
  • Provides the same effective weed suppression as plastic mulch film. Testing has shown that the quality and productivity of crops grown using BioTelo Agri are identical to those grown with regular plastic mulch film.