Whether you’re looking for a sprayer for use in orchards, vineyards, forestry or just general weed control, we have it covered. The Micron Herbi range offers a comprehensive choice of high quality, efficient hand-held sprayers to suit most weed control situations, including band treatment, shielded applications and spot spraying.

The Herbi range incorporate Micron’s proven CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) technology which provides a more efficient and economical method of liquid atomisation. CDA employs spinning discs to break up the spray into optimum-sized droplets for a particular application, thus considerably reducing liquid wastage and spray drift as the extremes of very large and very small droplets are eliminated. As a result, users can achieve a more uniform target coverage, better weed penetration and improved herbicide retention. With total spray volumes of just 10-30 litres/hectare. CDA technology also means considerably less liquid is required to treat a given area.

Operational efficiencies and increased productivity:
Cost savings due to reduced volume of spray
Better spraying results thanks to even droplet distribution and uniform droplet size
Reduced time and effort as considerably less liquid is needed
Minimised drift

Safer Spraying
Fewer mixing and filling operations

Reduced environmental impact:
Reduced herbicide and water requirement
Lower contamination of soil thanks to low volume, targeted application

The Herbi range has been designed and built wit the operator in mind. The machines are light to carry, yet robust and designed to last. Easy to operate and maintain, all Herbi models, incorporate a battery powered design to eliminate strenuous pumping. A range of optional extras including spray shields, shoulder straps and various tanks sizes are available.

Herbiflex 4 is a high quality hand-held sprayer that offers users increased efficienies and an economical method of weed control in a wide range of situations.
Mimimises spray drift
Economical and efficient
Battery powered with no pumping required
Light to carry and easy to use
Robust and simple to maintain

Herbidome 350is a shielded CDA sprayer suitable for a wide range of weed control. Applications include fruit, orchards and vineyards to amenity and forestry.
Efficient weed control offering significant labour savings
Up to three times as fast as a knapsack sprayer
Fully shielded to minimise spray drift
Increased work rate due to low volume application
Light weight and easy to use