The new generation of silage film with the power of saving costs, saving the environment and serving the customer. In order to make baling work in the field more efficiently, Trioplast has been working extensively on research and development of new products for a number of years. In 2004, Trioplast started developing a new generation of pre-stretched Balewrap. Extensive testing both internally and externally preceded sales of this product.

Trioplus is manufactured using our new production technique – Pre-tech, which utilizes the properties of the material more effectively, while retaining the same performance qualities from the film. Trioplus gives 30% more output per roll which leads to better capacity and better economy in the field. Less reel changes and less standstills when wrapping a bale are observed compared to a standard 25µ film. It works without changes to the settings of the wrapper. This gives more flexibility if you want to change the film for different customers and applications.

Being able to harvest when the energy and nutritional values of the crops are optimal increases the profitability of harvesting work. There are two types of silage wrap available. Ask us for further details.

Trioplus: 1900 m 20 micron
Triowrap: 1500 m 25 micron